Are you approaching the French market? Use my services to adjust an existing translation to a targeted French-speaking public!

I offer marketing and communication editing services to professionals such as institutions, federations, companies, associations, for all kind of business documents: brochures, institutional and promotional leaflets, project presentations, press articles, press kits, newsletters, websites, scenarios, video inscriptions, reports, minutes, etc.


The result 

A free of spelling error and mistranslation, as well as striking and sales-orientated.

As a small and reactive organization, I produce accurate, timely and elegantly written communication tailored to the targeted audience for a fair price.



You must be able to communicate in French with me!

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Annie Toussaint-Bensaïd - 60 rue Villeneuve 29600 Morlaix - Bretagne

02 98 15 12 02

Agence conseil en communication & rédaction (Morlaix – Finistère)
Conseil : audit & stratégie de communication, plan de communication, suivi opérationnel. 
Rédaction d’information : bulletins, lettres, sites internet… 
Rédaction promotionnelle : plaquettes, vidéos… 
Rédaction presse : dossiers & communiqués de presse. 
Formation à la communication.

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